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cert19 Let’s get back to work!
cert19 is a ‘return to work’ application that certifies for
employers, employees and customers that everything
possible is being done to work safely during covid-19
and beyond.

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Why use cert19 ?
Protect your workers Keep employees and customers safe by providing a healthy workspace through regular checks and monitoring.
Protect against lawsuits Recordkeeping of employer policies and data to defend against any covid19 lawsuits.
Prepare to stay open Prepare for future regulations that may require proof of healthy employees and safe structures to keep your organization going.
Recruit Wisely Show recruits you are doing everything you can to provide a healthy, welcoming work environment.
Reassure Customers Communicate to customers that you and your employees are prioritizing health to continue serving them.
Insightful Dashboard Keep track of wellness through clean, organized dashboards for quick and easy insights.
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Protect Your Company, Employees and Customers

As much of the US has reopened or is about to reopen, it is important that we take every precaution to keep our employees, customers and community safe.

Temperatures Keep track of temperature readings for you, your employees and customers.
Questionnaires Send out questionnaires to check in on employees and customers symptoms and well being.
Tests Allow employees to submit virus test results and other important documentation.
Health Sense Receive reminders on how to stay healthy and keep your work environment safe.
Contact Tracing Be notified if any of your employees come into contact with covid 19.
Machine Learning Use machine learning to help predict flare ups.
Privacy HIPAA compliant. Employer driven privacy compliance.
Feedback Whistle Allow employees to report any policy or safety violations to you anonymously.


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$8 per employee / month

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