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Let 5411 analyze your data or images and categorize based on custom properties you define


Teach 5411 to predict numerical outcomes based on past results and data points

Natural Language Processing

Get 5411 to identify the meaning of phrases or sentences


Extract meaning from unknown data through calculated groupings

The Benefits

Make Use Of Your Data

The data you already have can be used to make predictions that drive future business decisions and improvements, all without installing any new software.

Getting Started Is Easy

With the step-by-step guide through the whole process, anyone at any experience level can make use of Machine Learning in their business.

Simplfied Data Insights

Get a better look at your data through organized dashboards, helping you gain more insight from your data.

Cocolevio founder, developers and consultants are racially diverse and it is incredibly important to us that our solutions and the data we feed into our “machine” reflects our society at large.

Machine Learning Services Cocolevio

Machine Learning Services Cocolevio


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Why Artificial Intelligence?

Companies are evolving from siloed automation of broken processes to adopting cognitive automation powered by machine learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet business & customer needs more quickly and at lower costs.

At Cocolevio, we believe that AI is a journey. Technological advancements in silicon design, algorithms, system architectures and Cloud Services led to general availability of most of the building blocks at relatively low costs.

In spite of all that progress, adopting AI is still a challenge in most industries. Several factors contributed to the current status quo:

  • Continuously training AI machines is still in its infancy
  • Lack of trust in what AI can do and can be
  • Lack of technical skills for building and operating AI machines

Long term, we believe that AI can provide considerable benefits to businesses and economies through its contributions to productivity growth and innovation. At the same time, AI’s impact on work is likely to be profound.

Interested in developing a broader AI strategy?
Cocolevio can help your business embark on the AI journey. We can:

  • Help set expectations
  • Prototype and productize solutions to support your most innovative ideas
  • Build AI-enabled platforms and services that can be leveraged across the organization and also by your customers.

How Does it Work

5411 uses machine learning for predicting outputs and makes it easy for any experience level to use. With a goal in mind, you’ll be able to take data you already have and make accurate predictions that could further your business in the future.

Data Acquisiton

5411 takes in your data. Any data type will work.

Data Ingestion

5411 identifies data and data properties.

Model Training

5411 then trains a model based on your input data.

Putting Learned Models Into Practice

5411 uses your trained model and new data to make predictions.

Track Models

5411 shows predicted outputs based on new data.

What Insights Can You Gain?

With the step-by-step guide through the whole process, anyone at any experience level can make use of Machine Learning in their business.

What does 5411 mean?

What does 5411 mean?

The name 5411 goes back to Cocolevio founder Nnamdi Orakwue’s roots in Brooklyn. In the 80’s the hottest sneaker in the five boroughs was the Reebok Freestyle. Due to New York sales tax, the $49.99 shoe would ring up as $54.11. Young people in Brooklyn came up with the catchy nickname, and it stuck. The sneaker and its name represent the creativity and ingenuity that our machine-learning product brings to the technology ecosystem.

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